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  • OS: Android IOS
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  • Updated: Dec 20, 2019
  • Developer: Lowtech Studios


Description is a unique Snake game with interesting, addictive and relaxing gameplay. In this game, you have to manipulate your little snake to eat as more light spots as possible. Be careful not to hit the body of other snakes with your head while eating, or the game will be over.

Game Features

Little snake’s counterattack: The game is no longer the world of the big snakes. In, even the smallest snake can use their skills to counterattack!

Cute graphics: Various cute snakes to choose from.

Communication: The chatting system allows players to communicate with each other.

Watch others players fight, which is also an important way to improve skills.

Join your friend's room to start the game immediately.

How to play


When the snake’s head touches the body of another snake, it dies and leaves a volume of light spots. Hitting a wall can also result in death.

You have to help your snake eat light spots on the map so that it can grow faster and longer. Players can view the snake length of the top 10 players in the upper left corner of the screen. The remote sensing button in the lower left corner can control the moving direction of the snake, and the acceleration button is in the lower right corner (Accelerating will consume its own length).

The light spots on the map vary in size. Small spots are randomly generated on the map or left by other snakes when they speed up. Big spots are from dead snakes. Small spots add very little length, and large spots add a great deal. If you want to grow longer quickly, you need to find bigger light spots to eat.

Skin system

Random skins: Colorful skins to choose from, including red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. You will get a random skin each time you enter the game. These colorful skins are free to get. No gold coins or diamonds are required.

Unique skins: Giraffe, cow, golden dragon, and other unique skins need to be unlocked with coins or diamonds. Gold coins can be obtained by killing other snakes in the game, while diamonds are earned by sharing links. You don't have to spend money to have amazing skins!


Work with your teammates to limit the snake's path and force big snakes to defeat them.

If your snake is long enough, you can kill small snakes by moving in circles around them.

When you are close to another snake, you can accelerate to hit its head with your body. But this is a little dangerous. Maybe you will be killed by it.


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