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Utano Princesama: Shining Live

Utano Princesama: Shining Live

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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 75 MB
  • Version: 5.1.0
  • Updated: Oct 31, 2021
  • Developer: KLab



Utano Princesama: Shining Live, developed by KLabGames, is a new music idol game in the Utano Princesama series. A lot of popular songs in the Utano Princesama series are included in this game. The game has been downloaded more than 2 million times in Japan and regularly breaks into the App's top grossing charts.

Support your favorite idol through rhythm games. The performances of the idols will change as the game progresses. With increased intimacy and daily interaction with your idols, your idols will also change. There are a lot of surprises waiting for you!

How to play

Unlock new plot

Read the episodes to experience new idol stories. As the story is unlocked, new songs will be added to the music library. The development of the story is the interaction between live2D idol characters and the presentation of their personalities.

Beat notes

Choose your favorite idol group to play your favorite song. Beat the notes that appear in the center of the screen to complete the rhythm.

Interact with your idols

Communication, touch interaction, live music, and stories can all increase the intimacy between players and their idols.

When idols form groups and perform music, intimacy between idols increases. The more live performances are performed, the closer they become to each other, and the idols' voices will change.

Upgrade the cards

Each idol card has unique attributes and abilities. Build a deck with your several idol cards to play a song, unexpected effects can be achieved by triggering skills. The stats and skills of each idol card can be upgraded through material consumption, and the effect will also improve.

There are a variety of expressions, costumes, and brand new idol voices. New voices will be unlocked as the intimacy between the players and idols increases! The voice also varies with time. There are even anniversary and season limited voices!


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