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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 121 MB
  • Version: 0.5.5
  • Updated: Sep 22, 2021
  • Developer: So Far So Good



Incredibox is a game developed by So Far So Good. It is an interesting music soundtrack game.

In this game, the player will play the role of a remixer to create music.

Players can create their style of music rhythm by using different instruments.

The music in this game is very creative, and the painting style is very peculiar.

This game will be the player's music creation resort.

As long as the player's thoughts are bold enough, they can create unique music.

How to play

This game is simple to operate. Players just need to drag the different colors of the decorations to the character and will be able to mix their rhythm to a variety of music.

Find the right combination of music rhythm to unlock different animation bonuses to help you improve your mixing skills.

In this game, there are several versions for players to choose from. The process of making music is completely controlled by the player, where the player can create their rhythmic sense of hip-hop, pop, electro, or Brazilian sound.

In this game, players can choose the remix they want to experience in eight remix versions, then drag and drop the icon on top of the character.

The character will automatically sing, you can get the music created, and players also need to find the right combination of sounds to unlock the animated chorus, which will enhance the player's tunes.

If you are interested in music creation, then download this game to play it.


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