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Happy Printer

Happy Printer

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  • OS: IOS
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  • Developer: Tap2Play LLC



Happy Printer is a game developed by Tap2Play LLC. It is a fun typing parkour type of casual puzzle game.

This game tests the player's typing speed, and this game is a perfect blend of parkour game and typing.

The game has several different modes of play, in which players can start a competitive race or follow the pictures to decipher the content.

No matter which model, the rich and exciting gameplay will test the players' hand speed.

How to play

The game is simple to play. Players need to follow the letters on the game screen for rhythmic typing, and the player will control the character by way of keyboard typing. The faster the player's typing speed, the faster the character will advance.

This game has great content, and all the gameplay is related to the player's hand speed. This game contains elimination games, charades, hidden objects, and various riddles. These games will test the player's memory, typing speed, and strategic thinking.

This game has many levels, interesting tasks, and great rewards that will not bore the player. In the competitive race mode, you will encounter cunning opponents who will have to smash the obstacles set up by their opponents on the track and control the character to reach the finish line as soon as possible to win the race.

Any player who can type can play this game, so come and download it.


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