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Granny Smith

Granny Smith

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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 23 MB
  • Version: 1.3.8
  • Updated: Oct 31, 2019
  • Developer: Mediocre AB



Granny Smith is a game developed by Mediocre AB. It is a fun parkour game.

This game has a cute drawing style and is very popular among players. The main content of this game is an apple-loving grandmother who found a thief wearing skates to steal apples from her garden.

The angry grandmother decided to put on her skates and chase the thief to get back the apples.

Players will play the role of the apple-loving grandmother in the game to collect the apples before the thief.

If you like parkour games, then download this game to play it.

How to play

This game is simple to play. Players only need to control the role of the grandmother in the game forward before the thief collects the apples can. However, the game process is intense and exciting.

Players need to control the character through one level after other obstacles to chase the thief, sometimes need to jump, and sometimes grab the rope to fly in the sky.

There are two buttons on the left and right sides of the game interface, the left is the hook, and the right is the jump.

Players need to determine which action to use according to the scene in the game. For example, when you see obstacles such as pools and ditches in front of you, you need to click the jump button; and when you see the rope, you need to click the hook button. There will also be gold coins that can be collected during the game.

This game has three main theme maps and 36 levels. Each theme map contains 12 levels. After passing the previous level, the levels must be unlocked to unlock the next level. Play the game and see how long it takes you to unlock all the levels.


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