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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 7.3 MB
  • Version: 1.12
  • Updated: Aug 09, 2022
  • Developer: Rockstar Games, Inc.



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a game developed by Rockstar Games, Inc. It is a classic open-world game.

In this game, players can freely explore and play in Sin City, while you can choose whether to accept and carry out missions.

Players can play this game to vent their accumulated stress. Players in the game are not subject to any restrictions.

In reality, you dare not do, can not do all the things that can be achieved in the game. Therefore, this game is very suitable for stress relief.

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How to play

This game is simple to play. Players will play a character named Tommy in the game to carry out a series of adventures.

There are many main and side quests in the game, and players can choose not to do those quests but to play freely in the game against each other.

In the game, the main characters are civilians, police officers, and members of the five types of gangs.

Civilian characters will be all over the game screen, but they have little impact on the game's progress.

When Tommy is wanted, it will attract the attention of the police, and they will try to capture him.

The higher the level of the wanted notice, the more cops will be after Tommy, and they will use various means to capture him. Gang members will patrol the area under their gang's control, and they carry firearms.

Players in the control of Tommy's adventure at the same time to pay attention not to step into the territory of these gangs or will bring trouble to themselves.


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