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Genshin Impact

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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 359 MB
  • Version: 2.2.0_4340077_4464168
  • Updated: Sep 28, 2021
  • Developer: miHoYo Limited



Genshin Impact is a game developed by miHoYo Limited. It is an open-world adventure game.

The main content of this game is that the player will explore a fantasy world called "Tivat" in the game. The story of this game is set in a fantasy world called "Tivat," where those chosen by the gods will be granted the "God's Eye" to channel the power of the elements.

Here, you will play a mysterious character called "traveler," in the freedom of travel to meet different personalities and unique abilities of companions, and together with them to defeat the strong enemy, to find the lost family members.

But, of course, you can also roam without a destination, immersed in a vibrant world, let your curiosity lead you to discover the mysteries of all corners of the world, and gradually discover the truth of the "original gods."

How to play

This game has a high degree of freedom of operation. In this game, players will explore the unknown in a role-playing manner.

The game incorporates card elements, and players can unlock new characters by drawing cards. In this game, players can enjoy different kinds of fun characters.

In this land where the elements meet in the game, the world is composed of seven elements: wind, lightning, water, fire, ice, grass, and rock, and characters with the "Eye of God" can guide the power of the elements for combat and exploration.

Water and fire meet trigger "evaporation," fire and lightning cause "overload," lightning meets water additional "sense of electricity."

For different enemies, the use of skills to trigger the restraint of the elemental effect is the key to victory. In the adventure of the journey, players can also meet unique ability partners who may wish to explore the best team.

With the journey to collect materials to strengthen the role, the final continent of magic and secret places will be conquered by you.


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  • Samuel Wu

    this is the best game EVER and im not a bot (this game so good)
  • vansi

    (forgot to mention the new character thats coming out (ayato) is so fing pretty)
  • vansi

    favourite game atm, been playing since start of 2021 and havent stopped since. the character designs are awesome, kokomi and ganyu are personal favs, im the type of person who plays really any game i come across (fnaf etc) so i thought this wouldnt be for me but i was wrong. I really recommend playing!
  • Rhylie’s Bunny

    Im not a bot, I'm a real person. Genshin is the best game I've ever played. Great storyline, animation, and there are a bunch of extra activated and quests to do with your favorite characters.

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