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Dancing Line - Music Game

Dancing Line - Music Game

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  • OS: IOS
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  • Developer: Cheetah Mobile



Dancing Line, a puzzle-casual music game, is produced by Cheetah Mobile and BoomBit Inc. Players need to tap the screen according to the rhythm of the music to avoid many obstacles, which is challenging.

This game builds a characteristic world based on different levels of difficulty. The game's scene looks comfortable, and its color matching is harmonious, which outlines a unique game scene and stimulates players' diverse emotional resonance. Players not only need eyes to distinguish obstacles and traps, but also listen to the rhythm with ears. The melody and rhythm will help players have a better experience.

How to play

When playing the Dancing Line, players only need to tap the screen at the right time according to the rhythm of the music and the observation of the game scene, and click the screen to change the direction of the line, and finally let the line reach the end safely. Do all of the above and you will be victorious. During the game, the line will encounter many obstacles, such as cliffs, mountain peaks, etc. The player must control the turning time of the line, otherwise it is easy to defeat, and then you will need to start again. The difficulty of this game is that certain obstacles will flash in an instant, so this game is a test of the player's reaction capacity, judgment and rhythm.

For some players who want to get high scores, they can set higher requirements on themselves. Every time the line turns, a gem or crown will appear. Players can try to control the timing and angle of the line turning, and then get diamonds and crowns to achieve full diamond clearance and gain more experience points.

Come join the Dancing Line, enjoy the good music while exercising to improve your reaction capacity!


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