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Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena

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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size:
  • Version: 1.6.28
  • Updated: Sep 20, 2021
  • Developer: Garena Mobile Private



CALL OF DUTY®: Mobile is an thrilling shooter game.

Call of Duty®: Mobile -- Garena is a game developed by Garena Mobile Private. This is a first-person Angle of view of the multiplayer competitive gun shooting hand tour.

The screen design of this game adopts 3D mode, which makes the scene, role, and other aspects of the game more realistic.

In addition, the high-quality screen, real physics engine, and real gun sound in the game let players immersed in the real battlefield battle, improving the game experience of players.

Players who like shooting and designing games download this game to feel the fun of the game.

How to play

The game is a bit difficult to play. The game uses first-person gameplay and an individual story for the player.

The game includes a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode that you can choose from.

Players can practice and improve their game skills in single-player mode or fight in multiplayer mode as they improve.

There is also a ranking mode, where players can use tricks and strategies to compete for rankings or team up with friends to win more rewards.

There are many new gun weapons and modes to play in this game, and a variety of weapons and gun skins allow players to match the appearance of their favorite weapons.

The multiple control system in this game can meet the different needs of players.

Players can adjust the key configuration according to their operation habits so that their operation becomes more sensitive and adjust the sensitivity of weapons in the game so that players can get a better game experience.


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