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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 168 MB
  • Version:
  • Updated: Mar 30, 2022
  • Developer: Space Ape



Beatstar's gameplay will be familiar to players who have played rhythm games before. When a song is playing, the player must tap or swipe at the right time to match the beat or sound effect of the song. The game's skills are entirely based on finger dexterity. Master rhythms and learn the appropriate fingering to score more points.

The songbook in this game consists mainly of contemporary pop music, which is actually one of its unique features. Just tap the screen to beat the rhythm perfectly, and you will enter an immersive music world. Players who love music will be instantly attracted to Beatstar.

How to play

Beatstar is designed for most players, offering faster, smaller, more diverse gameplay. For example, the game takes a brief mix of about 2 minutes instead of an entire song. This allows players directly play the most exciting part of the music, making the game more exciting. Another point that makes the game even more challenging is that one mistake is all it takes to get a failing grade. This means that it would not be easy to complete the challenges in Beatstar. Concentration is essential.

Immersive level design

Songs are divided into five difficulty stages with different modes, which are often repeated at each stage but become more challenging each time.

The game mechanics in Beatstar is based on vocals and lyrics. This means that players need to hold down a note to match the vocalist, click on a button to pronounce each syllable, or swipe up to match a vocoder effect that makes the voice pitch higher. It's one of the main things that makes Beatstar immersive and intuitive.

Each song can be awarded up to five stars, depending on the score. Stars can be used to unlock functions, rewards, and add playlists. A player's total score on the leaderboard is the sum of all individual points of all songs. The more songs there are, the higher the score and the more the stars.

Songs are acquired by accumulating cards of a particular musical style from boxes acquired while playing. Once enough cards are collected, the player is randomly given a song of a particular style. It would be fun to play new songs, but challenges would quickly become difficult. And players have to overcome the obstacles to unlock new songs.


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