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Beat Blader 3D

Beat Blader 3D

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  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 120 MB
  • Version: 1.9.93
  • Updated: Nov 05, 2021
  • Developer: AMANOTES PTE LTD



Beat Blader 3D is a game based on music rhythm, players listen to the music and control the game character wielding a sword to cut the square.

The game's graphics are cool and exquisite, designed using 3D visuals and glowing neon material, and the cutting effects are bright and exciting, giving players not only musical but also visual enjoyment.

Weekly updates of popular songs are original versions, including a large number of popular music, such as Pop, EDM, Rock, Classic, etc., addictive and easy to immerse in the headphones.

The game is interesting in extraordinary cube cutting visuals; simulated tracks built with neon lights; various themes for different songs; impressive colors. Download the game and try it out if you are interested.

How to play

The game play is simple. Players just need to choose your favorite song, feel the rhythm, swipe left and right in the way you like, and then cut it. Pay attention to the direction of the cube, easy to follow the direction so you can slide in time.

Follow the cool and exciting cutting effects, extraordinary combat and sound effects, and swing your lightsaber to slice through the speeding cubes! The more skilled you are, the faster you'll be.

Each song has 3 exclusive levels for you to challenge your skills. Each track of the game has a unique lighting effect that changes with the rhythm of the music. It can be a lighted electric festival stage, a hot, churning South American beach, or a dreamy, sweet pink cotton candy!

Challenge yourself with a hundred levels. The game levels have an infinitely low difficulty floor and an infinitely high ceiling. Tense and exciting rhythm changes to challenge your hand speed and reaction limits. Each player can choose the level of difficulty according to your needs. Come and make your choice!


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