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Among Us!

Among Us!

Averate User Rating: 4.9804 (51 votes)

  • OS: Android IOS
  • File Size: 124 MB
  • Version: 2021.12.15
  • Updated: Dec 16, 2021
  • Developer: InnerSloth LLC



Among Us, a puzzle strategy game from Innersloth LLC, has been released on PC gaming platform Stream and has received rave reviews. There will be 4-10 players in a sealed cabin, with the Crew members looking for the Imposters (one or two) who aim to kill everyone. Every action the player will take affects the tasks in the game and the reactions of other players.

Among Us is a multiplayer strategy game with a deadly cat-and-mouse feel in the back room. The game allows players to play the game online or on local area network. And the number of players in a game also varies from 5 to 10. In the game, the crew members need to complete tasks to find impostors to win the game, while the impostors need to successfully kill every crew member in the spaceship by destroying, creating chaos, and distracting other players.

How to play

The gameplay of Among Us tends to be more of a puzzle game based on the inferential gameplay of The Murder Game. There are not only simple reasoning challenges but also unique reasoning adventures. Simple style, wonderful reasoning, and unique game experience bring the ultimate game enjoyment for players. If you're a crew member, just find the imposters hidden among the players, and if you are an imposter, kill all crew members.

In order to create a realistic environment, the dark night sky, the spaceship, and the unique space suit are all realistic, bringing players an immersive game experience. Simple iron boxes and steel cabins with dim lighting create a tense atmosphere. Although the drawing style of the game looks a little rough, the details are presented with relish. The seat belt on the seat, the laptop computer on the iron box, and the cute astronauts all make players feel the delicate design of the game.

Among Us has a large number of loyal players, including puzzle enthusiasts who like to test their brain and as well as players who just want to play with friends.

Relying on the decisions of the players, the game experience is always unique and refreshing.


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